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Among my many hobbies is photography; I have had a camera in my hands since before I can remember.  From Brownies to simple point-and-shoot film cameras and home made pin hole cameras, a long stint with Pentax Spotmatics, a short stint with a Nikon film SLR, the move to digital, and the remaining reluctance to give up film. 

I have been an active member of multiple camera clubs, currently active with the Camera Club of Ottawa. 

I have recently embarked on a year-long photography adventure: the 365 Challenge.  The rules are simple - take at least one photo each day, post your photo to a website for all to see.  No cheating!  You can’t stock up photos, or use previously shot work... this is a challenge to get you out shooting every day, to keep your photographic eye sharp.  My photos will consist of a combination of artistic and photojournalistic type shots, depending on my mood that day.  Most will likely be taken with, and edited/uploaded from, my camera phone.   Click on the below link to see my photos, and keep track of my progress!

I am working on organizing my photos into an easy-to-view online gallery, but for now, please see some photos at the below links:

365 Challenge
Most Recent PhotosRecent_Photos.html
Portrait Portfolio